ootball can't compete with futbol as far as Pele is concerned. The Brazilian soccer legend claims he turned down a career in the NFL with the Giants, who he says wanted him to be their kicker after he “did well” in a few tryouts. Without going into specifics about when the offer was made, the three-time World Cup winner told ESPN Brazil that the possibility to become a two-sport superstar arose sometime after Pele retired from soccer with the New York Cosmos in 1977. Then again, this may be another example of Pele stretching the truth for his own sake. The 73-year-old famously claims to have amassed 1,283 goals in his career, although only 757 of those were scored in official games. The remaining tallies came in exhibition games, many of them against amateur teams. Some even accuse “O Rei” of counting goals he scored in training scrimmages. What's beyond debate is that signing the world's most famous athlete would have generated plenty of publicity for a Giants team that had very little going for it in the late '70s.