Pekka Rinne wants a family someday.

He figures that someday will be sooner rather than later. 

But for now, the Predators' soon-to-be-37-year-old goalie doesn't want to act his age. 

He certainly doesn't want to play like it.

He won't say when he wants to retire. He's signed through next season. He started his 14th year with the Predators on Thursday, and he showed no signs of his age while making 22 saves, including a couple of dandies on Jason Zucker, during a 5-2 victory against the Wild.

We sat down with Rinne and asked him about retirement, having kids and listening to his body.

You turn 37 next month. Are you doing your best Tom Brady impression?

Rinne: "It comes from the passion. You have to stay healthy. The older you get, it's harder to return from injuries. It's all the little things you learn throughout your career, as you get older you actually start doing them. You start listening to your body and take care of it. As young guy, you know but sometimes you throw those things out the window. When you get older you try to follow those steps and try to live the right way and take care of yourself. That’s at least part of the whole thing."