If you spend enough time on Hockey Twitter, you’ll notice that some goalies get extra rope, while others seem to receive less benefit of the doubt. Sometimes the difference between mainstream opinions and more analytics-minded takes can be profound. Jonathan Quick‘s spotty numbers and jaw-dropping athleticism has made him a magnet for debates. Steve Mason is less “Sieve Mason” and more a hidden gem in many corners, with some weighing his rough 2016-17 more than others. As the Nashville Predators have made some great upgrades over the years in trading for P.K. Subban and Filip Forsberg,* Pekka Rinne has increasingly been viewed as the anchor that could weigh this team’s ascent down. Some bumpy seasons didn’t help the big Finn’s cause. Injuries and inconsistent play convened for two rough seasons in 2012-13 and 2013-14. With a .908 save percentage in 2015-16 as well, the narrative against Rinne was only building. Rinne’s been off to a strong start so far in 2017-18, with a stellar performance against the Chicago Blackhawks prompting some to believe that he owns the ‘Hawks (maybe like how some believe Matt Murray has a similar impact on the Preds?). Overall, Rinne is 5-1-2 with an outstanding .940 save percentage this season. His one shutout already tied him with a guy he likely looked up to coming up through the ranks, so Rinne could sit high on the all-time list of Finns in net.