Dustin Pedroia has had enough. Frustration at the club's two-games-under-.500 record 100 games into the season boiled over last night for the de facto captain, who vented more than half a season's worth of discontent and disbelief after the club's 10-3 loss to the Yankees. "The first hundred games have been (expletive)," said Pedroia. "We're two games under .500, we're the Boston Red Sox. If everyone's thrilled about where we're at, they need to reevaluate because I don't like losing. I know everyone else doesn't like losing. We've got to play better, man." Pedroia agreed with his manager Bobby Valentine's pregame opinion that the team had a big run left in it. "Hell yeah. I think we can — we've got to play good, man, that's the bottom line," said Pedroia. "We've got great players. We just need to play good. That's it. We didn't. Their guys did. Late in the game, they extended themselves from us. That's what great teams do. We didn't do anything. Our at-bats later in the game were not good. Swinging early in the count, you know. Heck, if their eighth-inning guy is going to come in the game, let's at least get 25-30 pitches so maybe he can't pitch tomorrow. Do something productive, and we're not doing that. That's the sign of not-a-winning team. Those are the little things that we need to do better. It's frustrating." Pedroia did not want to hear about injuries being used as an excuse. "When I was hurt, Pedro (Ciriaco) hit .400. When Carl (Crawford) was out, (Daniel) Nava hit .350. Injuries, that's an excuse. I'm not going to make one, and these other guys shouldn't either. We win as a team and we lose as a team. When injuries happen, guys have stepped up and played their butts off. They put us in a position to make a run. We've got to play better, man. That's it."