Jake Peavy didn't know if he was coming or going Sunday. The veteran right-hander likely to be traded before Wednesday's deadline had extra bags packed in the clubhouse just in case his final destination was not Cleveland along with his White Sox teammates. "I've got some pretty hard travel plans. I am going to get on the flight and go to Cleveland and I'll show up and be ready to work unless I hear (otherwise)" said Peavy who is scheduled to start Tuesday against the Indians. "But we will all know something in the next few days. It will all soon be over and I won't have to deal with this one way or the other. But it's not much of a distraction. I don't sit around and think about it and contemplate on it because at the end of the day it does nothing but take away from what my focus is." Trading places: Manager Robin Ventura is eager for Wednesday to come and go as well. "It's just an anxious time" Ventura said. "As a player you don't really know what's going on. You don't get a whole lot of information so you overpack and you just sometimes have to wait for a phone call. No matter how many times you have been through it it is a little difficult to go through sometimes." What's the deal? Veteran outfielder Alex Rios also has been mentioned prominently in trade rumors. But his agent Paul Kinzer told the Tribune nothing appears imminent unless other teams are willing to improve their end of the deal. Rios was signed to a seven-year $69.835 million contract in 2008 with a 2015 club option. "I am not focusing on that right now. I am just playing my game" Rios said. "I don't care what the rumors are." No excuses: Paul Konerko said the Sox's poor play has nothing to do with any trade distractions. "We were (terrible) before the rumors" he said. "You can go back to a long time ago but everybody's handled it well."