With a stern voice usually reserved for stump speeches or Springfield, Gov. Pat Quinn stared into the camera and appealed to White Sox voters everywhere. "Band together in the best tradition of baseball fans and send our best, Jake Peavy, to the All-Star Game,'' Quinn said in a videotaped endorsement on http://www.whitesox.com. In another video on the team's website intended to make Peavy the final player added to the American League All-Star team, the pitcher poses like a political candidate wearing a smile and a Sox hat. "I'm Jake Peavy and I approve this message,'' Peavy managed to say without laughing. Even cuter was the slickly produced video of the "Take Jake'' campaign that uses a child's voice to read the inspirational speech from U.S. hockey coach Herb Brooks before the 1980 "Miracle on Ice'' gold-medal victory. But the spot that made Sox officials smirk most featured Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf typing at a computer before turning in his chair. "I don't always vote online, but when I do, I vote for Jake Peavy,'' Reinsdorf said in his best Dos Equis impression. "Vote often, my friends.''