Paxton Lynch‘s third NFL start ended in tears, pain and frustration. With less than five minutes left in the third quarter, the Broncos’ quarterback limped to the sideline after a third-down rollout to his right and was immediately ruled out with a right ankle injury. Lynch, in his first game back from a shoulder injury he suffered in preseason, went 9-of-14 passing for 41 yards, an interception and 38.4 passer rating. He also was sacked four times and took a number of big hits, one of which, he believes, initially caused the injury. “I think I had injured it prior to that (play),” he said. “I don’t know if it was a sack. I can’t remember the exact play, but I think somebody rolled up on it. I didn’t think anything of it. Then a couple plays in the game it kept bothering me, but I just thought I had to keep playing, keep playing, keep playing. That play got to the point where it started scaring me a little bit.” Trevor Siemian took over and closed out the game with a pair of scoring drives, 149 passing yards and a 107 passer rating, leaving the Broncos with yet another week in which they have to make a quarterback decision.