Prince Paul Pierce, who joined the population Tuesday night, is doing just fine, said the newborn's father, Celtics captain Paul Pierce. "He's doing good," Pierce said before practice Thursday. "It's just the third one, so, still going for five or six more." Aren't there lofty expectations with a royal name like Prince? "No, we're not going to put that kind of pressure on him," Pierce said. "I just want him to grow up, smart kid, be into the books. Whatever happens in sports happens." But will his son master the step-back jumper, like his dad? "I actually want to put a baseball in his hand, in his left hand," Pierce said. Pierce has achieved plenty in sports, including winning an NBA title and NBA Finals MVP honors. Being a parent is different, he said. "Oh, yeah, there's nothing like it," Pierce said. "I've had two baby girls and now a baby boy and it's one of the best feelings in the world, one of the best things you can ever go through, just seeing life, producing life, and knowing that you've got people who depend on you. It's like no other feeling in the world. I can't even explain it." Has being a parent changed Pierce? "Oh, it's definitely changed me," he said. "It's helped me understand that you have other people depending on you, so in your everyday life you're much more mature about your decisions you make, because you know the decisions you make affect your family and you're conscious of it, more so than before."