ESPN analyst and former Boston Celtics star Paul Pierce admits there's a bit of a rivalry between himself and three-time NBA champion LeBron James, a future Hall of Famer he excluded from his recent Top 5 list of the NBA's greatest all-time players. Pierce, who has taken major heat for the omission, has been "bumping heads" with James for several years according to Kendrick Perkins, his former teammate in Boston.

Pierce said this week on ESPN he spit toward James and the Cleveland Cavaliers' bench during a preseason game in Ohio more than a decade ago.

"I'm glad social media wasn't out then because I spit at they bench. I probably would've got fined," Pierce said. "Me and LeBron going back and forth, bench is yelling at something and I said, 'That's why y'all on the bench' and I spit at them. I'm not sure if it hit somebody or not, but I spit in that direction. Tempers flared.

"Next thing you know it's in the hallway and it's about to go down."