Marshawn Lynch has set an unfortunate precedent and the Raptors, all of them, should be above it. Fresh off a bad loss, one in which his team set a new season-low in scoring, Kyle Lowry had little interest in disguising his frustration, taking a page out of the Seattle running back's handbook by repeating the same short phrase, or a variation of it, over and over again in response to a series of post-game questions. The Raptors' all-star point guard was asked about his coach's comments. Dwane Casey had referenced the team's lack of energy and focus, what was it like to be out there as a player? "Just had a bad game," Lowry shot back after being held to two points, hitting one of his seven tries in 29 minutes of action on Monday. They had hit 32 per cent of their field goal attempts as a club, how much of those shooting woes were self-inflicted, how much a result of Milwaukee's defensive pressure? "I think we just had a bad game as a team," Lowry responded. Finally, a reporter inquired about the injury that briefly took him out of the game in the first half. "Just overall bad game for us as a team." Okay, at that point it became abundantly clear, Lowry was not in the mood to cooperate and - unlike some of Lynch's recent Super Bowl press conferences that would go on this way for several minutes - no one was going to continue wasting his time, or their own. So that was it. DeMar DeRozan, also (understandably) frustrated, answered questions in his usual mindful and thorough manner.