About a dozen Wisconsin writers, photographers and on-air personalities surrounded Melvin Gordon at his locker Sunday. They wanted to know all about the Chargers running back, what it was like to play again in his home state, what it was like having 60 family members at Lambeau Field. Gordon answered politely, but there was little to say. He just wished the experience could’ve lasted longer. “Today was solely on me,” Gordon said. “It was my fault. I can’t blame anybody but myself.” The rookie first-round pick had a rough homecoming, as he fumbled twice in the first half. That was that. Gordon did not see another down, banished to the sideline for the final 36 minutes of a 27-20 loss. He fumbled twice Sunday; the Chargers recovered the first. All told, he has three fumbles in two games and four total this season. Gordon went to the locker room briefly in the first half to undergo evaluation for a foot injury. He returned to action, though, and coach Mike McCoy removed any uncertainty as to why Gordon was benched.