The NBA has changed greatly over the years in terms of the style of play but one All-Star is letting fans know what the increased importance on perimeter shooting isn't the only difference between this generation and their predecessors. During a recent interview with Dave Schilling of Bleacher Report, Oklahoma City Thunder star Paul George provided fans with a look at how trash talk within the league has fundamentally changed with this generation of players. “You don’t really get too much [trash talk] these days,” Paul George told me. “Not as much as it used to be back in the day. It’s competitive, but I think it’s a different type, different level of competitiveness. Today’s day and age, guys grew up playing with one another. There’s a degree of friendship. It’s never like a negative trash talk. It’s a friendly trash talk, if anything. You get guys occasionally with some history together and they trash talk, but not too much anymore.”