First-year Oklahoma City Thunder forward Paul George is an avid fisherman who recently introduced some local elementary school kids to the sport. The four-time NBA All-Star guard offered some words of advice to those novices with a fishing pole that also could apply to his slow-starting Thunder. “Patience. Trust that it takes patience,” George said after the Thunder defeated the reigning NBA champion Golden State Warriors, 108-91, on Wednesday night. “Fishing is not something that you go out there and catch it on your first cast. It’s patience. You got to understand that fish have a mind of their own. Sometimes it takes a little longer than usual to catch one.” If the playoffs were to begin today, the Thunder would barely qualify in the Western Conference with their lackluster 8-9 record. The slow start has caused NBA insiders to question whether the star-studded trio of George, Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony can work together in Oklahoma City. Like fish, NBA teams also have a mind of their own and no teams are waiting for the Thunder to figure it out. George, however, would like to remind you that it is just November, with lots of basketball to be played. “You have to understand that it’s new,” said George, who had 20 points and 11 rebounds for the Thunder. “As much as we look good on paper, we have to work as a team. If it was easy, everyone could do it. The only teams that play well are the ones that have played together for a while. We’re a new team. A new group. We got to go through this adversity so we have something to look back at going forward, really. “We understand what we have talentwise. That’s the obvious. But we’re patient. We’re going to get it right. It’s too early.” Yes, the Thunder are a work in progress and their early losses could eventually bite them in Western Conference playoff seeding. The win over the mighty Warriors, however, shows they are a potential monster. George talked to The Undefeated about the new-look Thunder, his challenge to adapt, free agency, his trade, life with Russ and Melo, his lack of respect defensively, Thanksgiving, and more.