As a Celtics fan living in LA, I revel in what's happening to the Lakers right now. Since firing Mike Brown, flirting with Phil Jackson, and settling on Mike D'Antoni, they're 3-5, losing games to the Magic at Staples (Baby!), Sacramento, and last night coughing up a 17-point lead in Houston. Dwight's missing free throws down the stretch, Nash is out indefinitely, and Pau Gasol is resting his knees. Officially, the Spaniard is out with tendinitis, but rumors are swirly in Lalaland that if he doesn't adjust to D'Antoni's system, Mitch Kupchak will have no choice but to look for trade partners. The Celtics have been linked to Gasol before. Remember last year when he was linked with Rondo? That rumor ended up being completely false and a trade for #9 could never happen now, but with the team currently underperforming and Danny and Doc considering bringing in Erick Dampier for a "workout," the blogosphere is abound with trade ideas. As much as it seems sacrilegious for the Lakers and Celtics to swap players, it makes sense. Los Angeles is looking to fill out its roster in the mold of D'Antoni's seven-seconds-or-less system and Boston has been trying to fill its Kendrick Perkins-sized hole for the last two years.