Pau Gasol is coming to the defense of his younger brother. The Grizzlies’ mounting losses and the overall direction of the franchise are unsettling for Marc Gasol, and Pau understands the frustration. “Of course, he’s upset. He should be upset,” Pau, a forward with the San Antonio Spurs, said on the eve of their game Monday night at AT&T Center. “Any player who competes and cares would be upset. That’s a good sign from a player who cares and is a leader. He’s putting his body on the line and not quitting.” Marc is expected to play after sitting out for rest Saturday when the Grizzlies’ losing streak swelled to 13 games after a loss to the Orlando Magic. The Grizzlies have decided not to play Marc in back-to-back games for the rest of the season – something Marc doesn’t like but has accepted.