Billy Donovan didn't have a name for his offense, but he knows what he wants it to accomplish. Which combination of players come closest to his vision is the biggest question of the Thunder's season. “The more the ball moves, the more we get two (defenders) on the ball and it finds the open man, and we can attack and make the extra pass, that's how I think is the best way for us to play,” Donovan said. “I think we want to play the right way.” En route to a disappointing 14-15 start, the Thunder's path to the “right way” has been a struggle. The questions about how Paul George, Carmelo Anthony and Russell Westbrook would mesh have so far been answered with career low field goal percentages for each All-Star. The game was supposed to be easier with more firepower surrounding the Thunder stars. Would it be easier if Patrick Patterson played more with the starters than Carmelo Anthony? Patterson has played just eight minutes this season with the foursome of Westbrook, George, Andre Roberson and Steven Adams. Any judgment about their effectiveness with Patterson compared to Anthony is premature. It is important to consider, though, the type of touches and possessions Anthony gravitates toward at power forward, and the type of touches and possessions Patterson doesn't require.