Sometimes it doesn’t matter how well it’s coached or even executed. The other team always has the chance to simply do it better on any given play. By the Patriots’ account that was the case when Philadelphia Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson beat cornerback Aqib Talib for a 47-yard touchdown in the first quarter of Friday’s preseason opener. After all Jackson and quarterback Michael Vick have made plenty of defenses look much more foolish in the past and this was an instance of the pair getting the better of Talib at the end of a week’s worth of great battles. “That’s Michael Vick to DeSean Jackson. That’s a good combination. They made a good play” Talib said. “Two good players made a good play.” Talib and Jackson had the best one-on-one matchup going whether it was in one of the teams’ joint practices or in the game. The corner was better when he was able to jam Jackson or stay on his hip up the sideline. The receiver meanwhile had the upper hand with the scoring play since it came on the biggest stage. Jackson was given about 4 yards of space off the line of scrimmage and Talib didn’t attempt to jam the receiver off the snap. However Talib smoothly turned his hips to run with Jackson up the right sideline but Jackson beat the corner with inside leverage and corralled a majestic throw from Vick. Talib wasn’t the least bit worried about the play after the game and his coach backed him up yesterday. “As a defensive coach there’s times when you’ve just got to give credit to the offense” Bill Belichick said. “That was a great throw perfectly thrown a great route by DeSean and the ball was as on the money as it could possibly be. Overall our defense wasn’t good enough any time you give up a play like that but it was an exceptional play that we were close on but obviously not close enough.” Talib who has had a strong training camp from an individual perspective wouldn’t let one play deter the team’s defensive progress over the last two weeks.