New England Patriots defense back Alfonzo Dennard surprised even the court clerk’s office with an early court appearance at Lancaster County District Court in Lincoln Nebraska yesterday morning for his supposed probation violation according to Boston Herald Jeff Howe which he wasn’t due until next Wednesday. District judge Robert Otte allowed Dennard to travel out-of-state and as of now Dennard receives the benefit of the doubt to participate in training camp although it was reported last week that the Patriots do have the intention on keeping Dennard. However it does not necessarily means he will be off the hook from being disciplined by the league for lack of compliance under the personal conduct policy. Dennard still have a busy scheduled ahead of him as he is supposed to report to court on August 12 for the DUI arrest and on August 27 for his new probation hearing just before the Patriot’s final preseason game on August 29. Dennard will certainly need all the help he can get because now the blame-game begins even more intense as one side sees him as the guy who got a slap on the wrist for assaulting a police officer and his side of the story as a guy that perhaps driving a little “tipsy” but did not failed any field sobriety tests; therefore did not break the law.