Tragedy can grip a region with merciless vengeance. While Boston, New England and the United States cope following Monday’s tragic bombings, each person deals with the fallout in a different way, regardless of circumstance. The Patriots aren’t an exception. Bill Belichick asked two-time captain Matthew Slater to share some words during Tuesday’s team meeting. The spiritual, genuinely respected veteran graciously accepted and stood before the room with his message: Put life in perspective, and feel blessed for every moment they’re given. “We take so much for granted. In our position, we’ve been blessed,” Slater said. “Really, every one of us, every man in that locker room, whether it’s player, coach or staff, we are very blessed to do what we do. And we live sort of a life — I don’t want to say privileged, but it is. We’re very privileged to do what we do. It’s about us not taking things for granted. It’s about us valuing the life that we have, the life our families have. And in the big picture, that’s much more important than what goes on on the field.” The Patriots felt a sense of responsibility to help the community in light of the tragedy. The Kraft family will match up to $100,000 in donations on, and Vince Wilfork, Devin McCourty, Danny Amendola, and Stevan Ridley individually pledged to help the victims in various ways. “You know the community of Boston is a tight community, and you know how the fans are about their teams,” defensive end Rob Ninkovich said. “You go to a city where everyone’s so together, the love for one another. You feel it. When you’re in the stadium, you feel everyone is around you in support. So when something so unfortunate happens to the city, it’s everyone’s nature to come together as a whole and have support for one another. As a team, we’re here to support and help the people that have been through this tragedy.”