The New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was asked if he felt he failed Cam Newton in 2020 by not surrounding him with enough weapons. The response to the question and the subsequent takes have created a bit of an ultimatum for the 2015 NFL MVP, at least according to NFL Network’s Mike Giardi.

During Belichick’s meeting with the media on Thursday, Giardi asked him if the free-agent money spent on so many offensive weapons like Jonnu Smith, Hunter Henry, etc., was to make up for not giving Newton enough weapons to succeed last season.

According to Giardi, Belichick “side-stepped” the question. However, he did say, “the goal of the offseason is to just become a better football team, and we feel like we did that, but that’s the goal every single offseason, is to do things like that.”

Giardi added, he’d spoken with people inside the Patriots organization who felt he didn’t get a fair chance to succeed because of a lack of resources. Now that New England has done that, Giardi says there are no excuses.