The Lying Season™ is here in the NFL, and it is thick. This is the time of the year where a lot of fun reports come out and the rest of us get to offer our takes on it and discuss all the possibilities. One or more of these reports may even turn out to be true.

The most fair assessment of most pre-NFL Draft reporting is that the reporters are accurately reporting what they're told, but the details shouldn't be taken as a true sign of the future. The reporters aren't making stuff up so much as their sources are, especially when it comes to the NFL offseason and the draft. So when Peter King reports in his Monday column for Pro Football Talk that a "rival GM" said the Patriots "love" quarterback Justin Herbert out of Oregon, he most certainly received this comment from a real person.

But does it mean Herbert is definitely going to be a Patriot? No.

But is it fun to discuss, especially now that the long-term future at QB is uncertain? Sure!