Change is coming to the Avalanche within the next two weeks. Newly drafted players will don burgundy-and-blue jerseys in Philadelphia next weekend, and players from other teams could replace those still on the current roster starting July 1. How radical the change is remains to be seen. But whatever happens, coach Patrick Roy believes a solid foundation, poised to grow more successful, will be left intact. "Nothing is changing for us. We haven't changed our approach," Roy said of the team's overall blueprint. "We put together a plan, as far as salary structure, long and short term, but we also have a plan for our team and what kind of players we'd like to have. Obviously, we have to give the time for these guys to develop. We certainly don't want to go on the fast track. Time will tell, but I think right now we still need to remain very patient." The biggest change could be the possible departure of center Paul Stastny, the team's player with the longest continuous service (eight seasons). Talks toward a new contract between Stastny's agent, Matt Keator, and the team are expected to resume in the next couple of days, but other teams can start calling Stastny starting Wednesday. A new wrinkle in the NHL's collective bargaining agreement allows for a one-week courtship period of sorts between teams and prospective free agents, though none can sign new deals until July 1. Roy said the Avs have targeted certain players throughout the league if they become available. Defense is an area where the Avs might try to do the most shopping. Roy used the newly crowned champion Los Angeles Kings as a template for what he hopes to have for a "top six" on defense. Roy said the Kings had strong top-three defensemen in Drew Doughty, Slava Voynov and Alec Martinez, with good complementary role players as partners in Jake Muzzin, Willie Mitchell and Matt Greene.