Earlier, it was learned that embattled Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Derrick Rose is dealing with a bone spur in his problematic left ankle, and that he might need surgery done to repair it. Including Friday’s game against the Indiana Pacers, Rose has missed a total of 19 games this season. Since scoring 10 points in a 124-119 home win over the Milwaukee Bucks on Nov. 7, Rose has spent his team on the sidelines, even exiling himself from the rest of the team for a brief period of time to think about his future. It’s hard not to feel sad for what Rose is going through, but there’s at least one person, who doesn’t sympathize with the former NBA MVP. That person is Oklahoma City Thunder forward Patrick Patterson, who took a not-so-subtle shot at Rose for taking some time off via an Instagram story post. That’s some serious form of resentment from Patterson, though he really deserved some credit for actually playing in all of the Thunder’s 24 games despite not one, but two bone spurs.