Patrick Mahomes' social calendar was full during May in town. He was spotted at a Jason Aldean concert, threw out the first pitch at a Royals game and wore jorts and a sleeveless baseball jersey to a NASCAR race.

It's not that Mahomes didn't indulge in some Kansas City events last year, when he was a Chiefs rookie and the backup quarterback to Alex Smith. But seemingly every one of his outings is now celebrated on social media, and there's little doubt that he's taking over the town as he becomes the starter.

Mahomes tried last season to blend in with the surroundings. He walked precisely the delicate balance between being the first signal-caller picked in the first round by the Chiefs in 34 years and being the supportive No. 2 quarterback. Much has been made of how Smith was the perfect mentor for Mahomes, but it's just as true that having Mahomes capably deflect attention away from himself benefited Smith in his final season in Kansas City.

Now the starter, Mahomes is still liberal with the compliments for his teammates and his new hometown. But he's no longer deferential. The trade of Smith to Washington was hardly completed when Mahomes began bugging his teammates for throwing sessions, long before offseason practice started.

"He just took control out there on the first day," tight end Travis Kelce said. "That's the biggest thing is seeing that he does have control of the room at such a young age, knowing this is his first rodeo in the NFL. He's not shy about taking the lead and that's huge. It makes it easier on all of us to see the direction of where this can go and it's easy to follow that.

"It's exciting and it's something I think we're going to have to do together knowing Pat's situation, him coming into a role with a lot of scrutiny at the quarterback position. It's definitely going to be a team effort to try to get him rolling."

Mahomes didn't come to Kansas City with much experience at being the backup. He was a reserve for part of his true freshman year at Texas Tech, but he moved into the starting lineup before that season was finished and stayed there for his final two seasons with the Red Raiders.