Here we are again, watching a young group of quarterbacks change the NFL.

You know the names, and two of the biggest, Kansas City's Patrick Mahomes and Baltimore's Lamar Jackson, play each other Sunday. That game spotlights what could turn into a remarkable rivalry not seen since Peyton and Tom.

But other young quarterbacks are quietly impressing people around the league and transforming their franchises. They aren't as visible. Or as respected. Yet they are still changing everything for their teams.

One of those players is Buffalo's Josh Allen.

Allen's critics say he's a glorified running back who couldn't throw a football into a large body of water. Then there is this AFC West scout who represents the other faction of the league's evaluators.

"Josh is quietly becoming a dominant thrower," said the scout, referring to Allen's improving accuracy. "He's not as recognized because he's not flashy, and he plays in a football wasteland."

Buffalo isn't a total football wasteland. The table-smashing there is second to none.

But while the Bills did make the playoffs in 2017, that was their only postseason appearance in the past 19 years. Buffalo has been the football equivalent of the post-apocalyptic Earth from the Mad Max series.

Allen might change that. The Bills could be smashing tables to celebrate him for a long time to come.