Plenty has been rightfully made of what the Kansas City Chiefs' offense will look like this season without Tyreek Hill in the fold. Then you consider how teams fooled the Chiefs last season, at least for a time, with Cover-2 looks. Then you look at the arms race in the AFC West and how everyone else loaded up this offseason.

Are the Chiefs — and specifically the Chiefs' offense — primed to take a step back?

When I visited their camp last week, I didn't expect Andy Reid or Patrick Mahomes to lay out how they plan to attack defenses this upcoming season. But looking back on our talks, I'm realizing how much they talked about the running game when I was more focused on the passing game.

"Yeah, I mean, I think it starts off with the offensive line," Mahomes told me when I asked how the offense will evolve without Hill. "We have this offensive line coming back that I thought did a great job last year, and it's gonna be even better. I think being able to run the football and then have, like you said, that size of receiver that can block but also catch the football, that still have speed. It might be a little different Kansas City Chiefs offense but I think we'll still have a lot of success."

The Chiefs chose the team's long-term cap health over paying Hill this offseason, and they picked up 6-foot-4 Marquez Valdes-Scantling and 6-foot-1 JuJu Smith-Schuster. If teams decide to play the two-high safeties against the Chiefs this year, Mahomes says they'll be ready.