After calling out  Chris Paul during an appearance on ESPN's Get Up, Minnesota Timberwolves veteran Patrick Beverley revealed to Stephen A. Smith on Stephen A's World that his beef with the Phoenix Suns point guard began when he was in college and went to a LeBron James camp.

"I appreciate everything he's done for the game," Beverley said. "Me and CP, this started when I was in college. I went to LeBron James' camp. ... and I got a taste of little CP there. ... It's always been something from there."

Beverley continued: "I respect his game. ... But the praise that he gets and the slander that he doesn't get when he doesn't perform, it's not the same as it is with every other superstar. and my question is why not?"

During his initial appearance on Get Up, Beverley went on a rant about how Paul doesn't play good defense and that "he literally can’t guard" anybody.