Former Manchester United star Patrice Evra has spoken about the state of the Red Devils, saying he believes Paul Pogba will leave the club and Alexis Sanchez picked the team over Manchester City for the money.

Evra sat down for an interview with Sky Sports and discussed the abuse Pogba received after the 2-0 loss against Cardiff in the team's final match. He thinks the lack of appreciation will play a part in his exit:

"I don't want to blame all the players because I think that some players are here (at United) and they themselves don't even know why they are here.

"I think (Pogba) will leave, because you need to feel the love when you play somewhere, you need to be committed. If Paul decides to stay another year and then leave, or stay another few years, maybe the fans will love him because he is committed.

"It's not like I am protecting Paul but when there are incidents like yesterday with the fan, they are killing Paul."