Patrice Bergeron hasn’t finished outside the NHL’s top 10 in faceoff percentage since 2010-11, so the Boston Bruins center knows a thing or two about draws. Bergeron is also a consummate professional who rarely speaks out against anything that might be perceived as slightly controversial. So it should raise some eyebrows across the sport that the B’s pivot wasted no time criticizing the NHL’s new crackdown on faceoff violations. Bergeron voiced his displeasure with the league’s initiative moments after his first preseason game Thursday night. “The faceoff is definitely an adjustment. I don’t see how they can keep that going,” Bergeron told reporters after the Bruins’ 2-1 overtime win, per the Boston Herald. “(Taking) faceoffs is a skill and you work your whole career to develop that, work on your hand-eye and timing and everything and they’re trying to take that way. You have to adapt I guess and that’s something I’ll definitely do. But I don’t know if I’m a huge fan.” For someone who quite literally has made a career out of skating his lane, that’s as peeved as you’ll hear Bergeron in public, but he wasn’t done there. “I wonder really what they’re trying to get out of it. I understand it’s feet above those lines and the sticks, but that being said, it’s also common sense. Hockey’s a fast game, and right now they’re slowing it down.