Astros third baseman Alex Bregman is inching closer to seeing action in a Grapefruit League game with his sore left hamstring on the mend. Bregman has been going through full workouts with his teammates, and he said on Sunday that he did the most running he’s done this spring. Bregman estimated that the hamstring is 90 percent healed.

“I want to be playing nine innings right now every single day,” Bregman said. “There's no way around it. I want to be playing every single day. Trust me. I do. I'm just listening to the advice that I've been given. Sucks to hear it sometimes, but I need to be patient with things and make sure that everything is 100 percent so that way I can play 162 plus a good postseason run.”

Bregman said he injured his hamstring in early January while running sprints, and he has been rehabbing it since. The Astros are taking it extremely slow with Bregman, who maintains he’ll be ready for Opening Day.