Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts made sure Rick Renteria was given a World Series ring for his one-year managerial stint on the North Side in 2014. White Sox Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf is counting on Renteria to get him one more ring to go along with his 2005 bling. But other than Renteria, the head honchos of Chicago’s two baseball teams really don’t have a lot in common. Ricketts often wanders around Wrigley Field talking to fans, and usually sits in a box seat behind the Cubs’ dugout. Reinsdorf stays in his suite. Ricketts talks to the Cubs reporters on occasion, and has an annual news conference with the media at the start of every spring. Reinsdorf doesn’t speak on the record with the Sox media, and hasn’t had a news conference in years. While Ricketts addressed his team on the first full workout Monday in Mesa, Ariz., Reinsdorf isn’t expected to come to Camelback Ranch until the Cactus League games start next weekend. But now Reinsdorf, 81, is taking a page from the Ricketts playbook. Ricketts endured a difficult rebuild and watched the plan come to fruition with a playoff team in four years and a championship in five. Reinsdorf approved a Sox rebuild after watching the 2016 team fall apart from a 23-10 start, and is entering Year 2 of the plan.