Sam Bradford has known Pat Shurmur through eight years, three NFL cities and countless tweaks to a chameleon offense that’s shocking the NFL by helping the Vikings steamroll into the playoffs as their $18 million starting quarterback misses his 14th game of the season on Sunday. “One of the things I like about Pat is just his willingness to adapt,” Bradford said by phone Friday, two days before the Vikings’ regular-season finale at U.S. Bank Stadium. “There are guys in the league, they learn a system, it’s the system they were brought up in and that system never really deviates. And then there are guys like Pat, who look at his players, look at trends in the league and have the ability to use new things to create offenses that are a little bit more dynamic and more complex for defenses to stop.” Bradford, who hasn’t played since Oct. 9, is expected to begin practicing again next week. A win over the 5-10 Bears would give the Vikings (12-3) a first-round bye and an extra week to prepare Bradford if they so choose. Asked if he and his left knee are ready to resume practicing, Bradford said: “Yeah, hopefully. I’m getting better. That’s all I’m excited about.” He then quickly checked out of that conversation back to one of his favorite football subjects: Shurmur, whom he has played for as a Ram, Eagle and Viking. With many NFL teams expected to change coaches after Sunday’s action, Bradford’s admiration for the Vikings’ offensive coordinator probably will be shared by multiple general managers. Right, Pat?