Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Pat Neshek is an avid collector of autographs, and his status as an MLB player gives him access to a number of opportunities the common collector doesn’t have. Except, of course, when it comes to Zack Greinke. Neshek, who was the Phillies’ lone representative at the All-Star Game, said back in July that Greinke was going to be his top target at the Midsummer Classic, noting that the Arizona Diamondbacks ace typically isn’t one for signing autographs. “He’s tough,” Neshek said at the time. “Hopefully we can talk.” Neshek’s plan was to have his 3-year-old son approach Greinke and ask him to sign, but it never ended up happening. On Tuesday, Neshek wrote on a message board that he tried to get Greinke’s autograph during a recent series between the Phillies and D-Backs but the pitcher “stiffed me once again.” Here’s Neshek’s explanation: