George Parros is still dealing with the reverberations from a suspension he handed down nearly two weeks ago. The mere fact he was called on at Saturday’s board of governors meeting to explain why Anaheim’s Andrew Cogliano was given a two-game suspension – and why Dustin Brown of the Los Angeles Kings got away with a $10,000 fine – gives you a pretty good idea why many feel his is the most thankless job in hockey. But it also offers a window into how Parros intends to run the NHL’s department of player safety. He’s not afraid to stand up and take bullets after tough decisions. The Cogliano suspension ended the player’s incredible 830-game iron-man streak and still has the Ducks upset today. “Cogliano had an unbelievable run there, a streak, and the last thing that I wanted to do was get in the way of history,” said Parros. “When things arise, sensational issues arise, I think it’s very important for our department to get out ahead of those and explain. Explain things, explain any questions, own up to them and I’m happy to do that always. “We make a lot of decisions that aren’t always met with great accord.” Indeed, after the board of governors meeting wrapped up, Parros had a long conversation in the hallway with Ducks vice-president of hockey operations David McNab that appeared to get fairly animated at points.