Jason Heyward is back in the 2-hole today, back where he thrived last season. But he's there because Jordan Schafer jammed a finger sliding Wednesday night and was scratched from the lineup this morning when he couldn't swing without pain. With Schafer out of the leadoff spot today, Martin Prado was moved from the 2-hole to the top of the order and Nate McLouth is playing center. Dan Uggla is also out of the lineup as expected, after straining his left calf in Wednesday's game. He hopes to play tomorrow, but said it might be Saturday or Sunday at Cincinnati. Fredi Gonzalez said he's reluctant to even pinch-it Uggla today because he doesn't want him to exacerbate the injury. (Actually he didn't use the word exacerbate, I did. Can't do much, but I do have a vocabulary, a lot of hotel/airline points and a lovely collection of giveway sponsor ballcaps and bobblehead dolls after doing this for so long. Oh, and a divorce.) Anyway, Uggla agreed it could "get nasty" if he went full-bore trying to leg out a double and ended up tearing the calf muscle, so he didn't try to talk himself into the lineup as he's done so often in the past with Fredi, both here and with the Marlins. But he did let us know again this morning how much he abhors being out of the lineup. And not because he has a 12-game hitting streak going that includes five homers. "I just want to play," he said. "I hate rehabbing and being in the training room, all that stuff. Hate it." But getting back to Heyward, which was going to be the original thrust of this blog - and we've got to hurry, because we've got a 1:05 p.m. start and only a half-hour or so to put this thing together today, photos and lyrics and all.