The talk late Monday afternoon back at Disney World's Champion Stadium was the effortlessly swing and lift of Carlos Beltran's first homer of spring training. A few teammates described how he just smoothly accelerates to and through the ball -- an economy of swing that Beltran has told teammates is "a simplification of everything possible." Count manager Mike Matheny in the camp of admirers. "It looked like he wristed that ball and it was a rocket," Matheny said. "He's getting closer and that's pretty good timing for us." Beltran's goal is to spend the final 10 games or so of spring training in the lineup and focused on results as well as process. At this time of spring, he explained, the hitter is still seeing pitchers that he knows very little about. A patient approach at the plate -- reading pitches for timing, as some hitters do -- can often put you behind in the count, he said. An aggressive approach at the plate doesn't work when so little is known about the opposing Triple-A arm.