The best closer in the history of baseball announced his retirement Saturday, just 20 minutes up I-275 from Bright House Field. The 2013 New York Yankees’ season will be Mariano Rivera’s last, as the 18-year veteran will end one of the most illustrious pitching careers ever seen. The Phillies have a pretty good closer of their own, though Jonathan Papelbon likely won’t be included in any off-field comparisons to Rivera. About eight hours after Rivera’s announcement, Papelbon fielded questions from reporters while fiddling with a pink, children’s glove. He played catch with his son for the duration of the interview. Papelbon can be a class clown, and he can be almost too serious at times. Saturday, he was funny. “It’s definitely gonna be fun watching (Rivera) this last year knowing it is his last year,” Papelbon said. “Maybe when he’s done he can show me that fountain of youth in Panama and I can go find it.”