Speaking to the Greek radio station “Sport FM” Marios Olympios, the Greek agent of George Papagiannis, stated that his client was not treated fairly by the Kings: “He (Papagiannis) never got a chance by the Kings. He had a double-double every time he played in the G-League. He had to travel for two and a half hour everytime he was assigned to Reno and still he performed. There are many details that prove that he never got a real chance”. According to Olympios, the Greek center is ready to move on and the Kings were wrong in their decision: “He is a free agent. We have options and we are good with that. He is 20 years old and he already has a great resume. I don’t know if the Kings are also good with that. Unfortunately, in the draft, you can’t pick a team. You are picked. Giorgos ended up in a very disorganized franchise and I think that everyone in the NBA is shocked by the decision made by the Kings. It’s one more proof that something is wrong with the Kings”.