Professional athletes are labeled heroes far too often, but the billing certainly applies to Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey. McCaffrey and his friends went hiking in Castle Rock, Colo. on Saturday, taking some well-deserved time away from the rigors of professional football. It was shaping up to be an uneventful day when McCaffrey noticed 72-year-old Dan Smoker Sr. fall 20 feet onto a rock. McCaffrey sprung into action, called 911, and assisted the elderly Smoker, who was with his grandson, Eli. Smoker is now in critical but stable condition. "Everybody stepped up," McCaffrey said via the Panthers' official website. "I called 911, and it felt like an eternity. It felt like we were up there waiting for four hours. But I looked back at my call log and it took 11 minutes before the paramedics came. Amazing what those guys did."