The transformation happens on Fridays. He’s Greg Hardy Monday through Thursday of game weeks. He’s the Kraken come Friday. The signature face paint resembling a pro wrestler won’t come until Sunday – neither will the pre-game name tag he displays on the back of his jersey. But the beast appears on Friday. “You get into predator mode and it’s time to go kill” Hardy said. “Everything else is natural.” Hardy’s always had an appetite for quarterbacks but doesn’t remember the exact game the Kraken alter ego was created. He remembers seeing the nickname on a Panthers message board two years ago and it all developed from there. “It was one game in a losing season — just got pissed and my big thing was just going to war. I was just like this is not a game anymore. We get paid for this. You can get fired tomorrow. You can get killed out here. This is war. There’s no guns but it’s war” Hardy said. “So I just painted up my war face do my thing rally the troops and get the crowd going.” He may have found his nickname on a message board but he takes all the credit for the nickname he assigned for the Panthers defensive line this offseason – MonStrz Inc. a play off of the Disney film. Charles Johnson (Loch Ness) Dwan Edwards (Phoenix) Star Lotulelei (Hydra) KaWann Short (Minotaur) Frank Alexander (Leviathan) Frank Kearse (Big Foot) Mario Addison (Gargoyle) and Colin Cole (Big Predator) each got assigned their own persona in a unit that appears to be closer than any other on the team.