It seemed like such a simple question for Carolina Panthers tight end Ed Dickson. All he had to do was name the top five wide receivers on the current roster. Piece of cake, right? Not quite. "Brenton Bersin," Dickson began. "We have Mose [Frazier] in now. Mike Clay. Not Mike Clay. I'm going to throw myself into that group." Bong! The correct answer is Bersin, Frazier, Kaelin Clay, Devin Funchess and Russell Shepard. Dickson actually knows his teammates. But if he struggled to come up with the right names when put on the spot, imagine how many people around the country could spit out this group that Shepard nicknamed the "Misfits," among a few other things. "Probably nobody," Dickson said. "At the beginning of the season if we told you guys our starting receivers would be this list of names, you guys would probably laugh at us." That's what Panthers coach Ron Rivera did when asked what his reaction would have been had somebody told him in training camp that this would be his wide receivers group heading into the playoffs.