Hakeem Nicks' search for a new team and more money was always expected to lead him to Carolina. Now it seems that he could end up in Indianapolis, too. Both the Carolina Panthers and the Indianapolis Colts are in serious pursuit of the Giants receiver, according to an NFL source familiar with Nicks plans. He is reportedly the top target of the Panthers, who released receiver Steve Smith earlier Thursday. And Nicks told ESPN that he's flying to Indianapolis on Thursday night for a meeting with the Colts on Friday. None of that comes as a surprise, and fits right into Nicks' plans considering he was very open in a recent interview about his desire to play for one of those teams. On Monday, just before free agency opened, he told ESPN "There are a number of teams that I have my eye on once I hit the market. I know if I went to a place like Indianapolis I would be dangerous with a quarterback Andrew Luck." He also added that "I can see myself catching passes from (Carolina's) Cam Newton or (San Diego's) Phillip Rivers.