I hate posting stuff like this. The guy is just chilling on the sidelines near the end of a very impressive performance in front of a national audience and made a manners mistake that was caught on camera. 

However, the Thanksgiving dinner joke was just too easy to pass up.

25 rushes
159 yards
1 touchdown

Solid day all around for "Shady" as the Philadelphia Eagles proved to the world that they are for real with an impressive 33-10 victory over the division rival Dallas Cowboys.

Why not go digging for a little bit of extra protein before heading out to celebrate the pilgrims and turkey and Black Friday shopping...or whatever Thanksgiving is all about.

I am thankful for...athletes doing stupid stuff on a regular basis. It's good for business.

I am also thankful for...U.S. Thanksgiving. It's always great when you can watch an NFL triple-header on a normal Thursday at the office. Since our Thanksgiving is, more sensibly, in October we also get to reap the sweet rewards of the U.S. version by doing nothing at the office all day and just watching football.

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