The Padres sure seem unstoppable right now. The offense is clicking, making up for the (very minor) shortcomings of pitching, and the defense has hung so many stars lately that you could make an accurate model of the Milky Way. Tonight's highlight is certainly Rymer Liriano's towering home run that not only hit the third deck of the Western Metal Building, but found it's way through the doors and into the Hall of Fame Bar & Grill. But Rymer wasn't alone today. Jedd Gyorko continues to excel since his return from the disabled list, going 4-for-4 with a pair of doubles. Abraham Almonte joined in the fun, with another homer to the Western Metal Building (though his landed on the ground floor, the runs stil count the same). Oh, and about those stars I mentioned? You can hang one on this spectacular catch by Almonte.