Shortly after midnight Thursday, the Padres’ social media accounts appeared to suggest a thaw in a historically sluggish free-agent market. The team’s Instagram account posted a photo, sans caption, of Eric Hosmer in action with the Kansas City Royals, the Padres’ primary competition for the first-base target. Within minutes of the post’s existence, it was deleted. Soon, the team’s Twitter account stirred at a similarly odd hour. The first post told followers to “Stay tuned,” followed by an emoji depicting bulging eyes. A second message directly mentioned Hosmer by his own handle, but did not elaborate. Those, too, were deleted, though that did not quiet speculation. Screenshots preserved the posts for posterity. What to make of the Padres’ late-night broadcasts? Apparently, it was not their own doing. Team officials Thursday morning said both accounts were hacked. Sources also confirmed that the club does not have an imminent agreement with Hosmer. “The Padres social media accounts were inappropriately accessed last night, and messages that were inaccurate and unauthorized were posted,” the Padres said in a statement. “MLB Cybersecurity is now investigating the matter, and we apologize for any confusion.”