Since a surgeon is unlikely to come out of surgery and say “I blew that one” it is impossible to accurately judge the outcome of a sports procedure immediately after the operation. But the Padres – and at least two of their players – are very optimistic about three rounds of surgery to starting players over the past month. Left fielder Carlos Quentin and catcher Yasmani are moving without any apparent pain following recent surgeries on their right knees. And the initial reports on Friday’s surgery to center fielder Cameron Maybin’s right wrist were positive although the surgery was apparently more involved than predicted. “A little more was done in the wrist and joint than expected” Padres manager Bud Black said of the surgery performed by Padres hand specialist Dr. Lorenzo Pacelli at Scripps Clinic Friday. “Cameron had some action going on in the joint. There were loose particles and loose cartilage in the joint. Going in we didn’t know what to find.” The fact that Dr. Pacelli found more issues than originally expected in Maybin’s wrist could be good news for the Padres moving forward. The wrist has troubled the center fielder since late in the 2011 season. “We knew he was in discomfort but there could have been more to it. It explains the pain and soreness.” However Maybin’s rehab time will be more like eight to 12 weeks than the four to eight weeks originally projected. That could impact Maybin’s desire to play winter ball to prepare for next season.