It turns out there’s more than one way to wipe that seemingly perpetual smile off Robinson Cano’s face. You needn’t limit him to three hits in 40 postseason at-bats. Presented yesterday morning with general manager Brian Cashman’s contention the Yankees made him a “significant offer,” the good-natured Cano looked uncomfortable. “I want to focus on playing baseball,” the second baseman said. And then, the often-earnest homegrown product added this, about his impending potential free agency and his talks with the Yankees to forego that: “It’s never going to [be] out of your head. That’s all I can say.” Here’s all I can write: This situation calls for a timeout. Lasting seven to eight months. Both sides should agree to shut down negotiations until the Yankees’ season concludes. That’s not happening, at least not yet. “Robinson’s OK with us continuing to talk,” Cano’s agent, Scott Boras, told The Post yesterday in a telephone interview. “We want the negotiations to take place in a submarine, not on top of the Empire State Building.”