Looking back now at the handwringing that took place on August 14 when the NFL suspended Rams starting outside linebacker Jo-Lonn Dunbar for cheating the hearty welcome the defensive sledgehammer received upon his return on Tuesday seemed sort of odd. It probably shouldn't have. This is how the NFL rolls. A guy can pump himself with more steroids than a factory chicken get caught do his time and return to hugs and handshakes while a Major League Baseball player in the same situation would still be getting spanked for sullying The Integrity Of The Game. You could write a thesis about why that difference exists or you could just accept the fact we make it easy on football players. Just look at Dunbar. "First and foremost we are very very disappointed in his choices and his decisions" Rams coach Jeff Fisher said way back when the suspension came down. "It's selfish." The coach seemed peeved enough to cut Dunbar from his roster on September 3. At the same time he hinted veteran linebacker Will Witherspoon could potentially be a starter longterm. That tune has since changed. The Rams re-signed Dunbar on Tuesday releasing offensive tackle Max Starks to make room. "We're excited" Fisher said. "We're glad to have him. Good timing." Good timing indeed. Witherspoon was injured in the limping Rams' most recent loss and was limited in practices this week. Sometimes a desperate team can learn to look at a situation in a different light.