As one of the first players on the scene Andrew Quarless tried to help Jermichael Finley up. The Packers tight end took a violent shot from Cleveland's Tashaun Gipson on a 10-yard reception. "And he told me he couldn’t move" Quarless said "so I said ‘Just stay there.’ It was tough.” Finely could talk but he couldn't move. Eventually he was taken away to the locker room on a stretcher with a neck injury. As you can imagine the mood inside Green Bay's locker room after Sunday's 31-13 win over the Cleveland Browns was dimmed by the latest injury. With 10 minutes 22 seconds to go Finley tried to haul in a pass over the middle and absorbed the hit from Gipson to his neck/shoulder area. The team later announced that Finley regained movement in his extremities. But for a 10-minute period his teammates were considerably shaken up. Quarless one of Finley's close friends was particularly "messed up." “I’m not going to lie" Quarless said. "I haven’t cried in a long time but I definitely shed a tear for him. That’s my brother first of all. That’s my brother on the ground. We’re there every day in the same room. For me personally it kind of messed me up for a little second. I knew I had to be strong for him and for my team to stay in there to stay locked in.” The Packers would go on to score that drive and finish off the Browns. They survived injuries for another game. Losing Finley would have obvious ramifications on the football field for an already-snakebitten Packers offense. But players didn't want to talk X's and O's. Seeing Finley up close had a numbing effect. Still rattled Quarless was at a near loss of words inside the locker room. "It was tough to see something like that" Quarless said. "You could just look in his eyes and he had this look. It was a pain or something it was one of those looks that was tough to see." Right guard T.J. Lang said he was "nauseated" by the whole situation. He needed to step away. Seeing Finley go down for a second time -- he suffered a concussion Week 3 at Cincinnati -- was difficult. "It’s hard to bounce back from that when that happens" Lang said. "Hopefully he’s alright. I don’t know what happened but it’s tough. There were still nine or 10 minutes left in the game. We still had to go out there and play which was tough after that. Any time you see one of your teammates go down it’s not easy. "I saw he was there was clearly something wrong so I kind of walked away. I don’t like to it kind of just nauseates me when something like that happens. It’s such a violent game sometimes. So many thoughts run through your mind. Hopefully he’s alright. He’s a big part of this offense. He’s a great guy. A good locker room guy."