It's been more than four weeks since the end of the 2017 season and we still have no idea if Rob Gronkowski is going to play in 2018. Although a report from Wednesday suggested that Gronk will definitely be on the field next season, Drew Rosenhaus shot that down during an interview on Friday. As Gronk's agent, Rosenhaus is one of the few people who would probably know what Gronk is going to do next season, and he says that Gronk hasn't decided yet. In an interview with PFT Live, Rosenhaus said there's no timetable for Gronk to make a decision. Since Gronk clearly seems to be undecided about his future, Packers offensive lineman David Bakhtiari decided to shoot his shot: He tried to recruit Gronk to Green Bay. If you're going to recruit someone, that's definitely how you do it this day in age: You make up facts and then hope the person doesn't know any better. Bakhtiari also used the number 69 twice, which you know Gronk appreciates.